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Detection of Oral Cancer

Did you know that one person dies every hour from Oral Cancer? Moreover, there will be over 54,000 patients diagnosed with oral cancer this year alone!

Here at California Easy Smiles, we take precedence for your oral, and systemic health and thats why we perform this an oral cancer examination completely complimentary at every office visit.

Detection of cancers, and abnormalities is paramount to our vision of dental health care; That is why we incorporated the use of the Velscope intraoral camera to aid in the detection of any abnormalities in the mouth.

In addition to the visual, and palpation exam for oral cancer, the Velscope offers an unparrallel approach to early detection by illuminating hypermetabolic activity just beneath the tissue layers. With this technology, we can search for  abnormalities long before symptoms arise, and ensuring the best possible outcome for all of our patients.

Come see us to receive your complimentary Oral Cancer detection screening.

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